Art 4 £ee $cratch Perry

I love the Upsetter, £ee $cratch Perry! Without his genius, we’d be nowhere musically. I had the blessing to meet & hang out with the legend himself and make some art for him too! He belongs on the dollar, so I put him on a Suisse Franc, he loved it so much that he put it on one of his famous hats, what an honor for any artist! I also made him a LSP Emblem, like Superman as he is nuts about him, he wore that at a show here in San Francisco! In NYC I made him a t-shirt completely painted with lyrics, he went Super Ape over it! Joy & inspiration thanks & blessings to LSP, keep going strong! Guess what….I’ve been blessed to have been given the opportunity of working with this Magical Genius! Bless UP Papa £EE!!