Bob Marley Slave Driver

Dread Meets Punk Rockers Fundraiser for The Joe Strummer Foundation

We are giving thanks for all of the wonderful friends that have helped us put together a magical fundraiser to benefit The Joe Strummer Foundation. Much love goes out to all of you! Obey Giant: Shepard Fairey for donating your magnificent screenprints of Bob Marley and Bad Brains, The Estate of Ras Daniel Heartman for the beautiful print of Daniel in the Lion’s Den and the iconic Prince Emanuel design for the tee. Babylon Burning Screenprinting here in SF for donating your time and talent to print us up some fantastic tees. The folks at the Joe Strummer Foundation for your efforts to keep music programs alive and well. We love you Joe! The shop is up so please visit and thank you all for your love and support! xoSpill

Bob Marley Slave Driver

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Bad Brains Punk Showcase

Punky Reggae Party

Prince Emanuel

Blessed Art for Julian Marley

Giving thanks to be blessed to create some fun art for Julian Marley!

JuJu Royal BOOM DRAW Custom T-Shirt dancing on tour in Rio

Yay! Spill Art featured in Skip Marley’s Official Lyric Video for “LIFE!!!”

As a fan, it was an honor and privilege to share several of my paintings for the Official Lyric Video with Skip Marley for his new single “LIFE”!

Fresh off of Sly & Robbie’s latest album ‘The Reggae Power 2′ from Tuff Gong International.




Inspired times with £ee $cratch Perry & Family

Time flew by in a Blessed magical colorful whirlwind of art and music last weekend

when £$P came to town on his Super Ape 40th Anniversary

Sold Out Tour with Subatomic Sound System!

Here are a few shots to enjoy!

Thank You Everyone for all the love and vibes!

Celebrating £ee $cratch Perry’s Super Ape 40th Anniversary!

“Friends and lovers, girls and boys”

from the Secret Laboratory™

To commemorate and celebrate the 40th Anniversary of £ee $cratch Perry’s legendary album Super Ape

A brand new £$P Super Ape t-shirt & poster designed by Spill is HERE!!


Tour begins late August 2015

Share Your Love For Congo

Please visit the website of my BEAUTIFUL sister, Rose Mapendo and share your love for our family.

Her story will change your life, and in turn, you can change the lives of countless others who need our help and prayers.



Spill Poster for Rupa & the April Fishes

Always a pleasure to design something special for loved ones!

Thank you for the blessed opportunity

Spill Art for Rupa

A super fun commission near and dear to my heart,

to dress my dear friend Rupa of Rupa and the April Fishes for this weekend’s

Undercover Tribute to Bob Marley concert at The Independent in San Francisco.

Art for Tribute to Bob Marley’s Exodus Album

My dear friend Rupa Marya asked me to create the art for the Bob Marley & The Wailers Exodus Tribute

presented on by Undercover Presents…so I did!

She also asked me to paint her dress and boots…so I did! She rocked them on stage…AMAZING!

Get all the details here!


Bob Marley’s Exodus Tribute

April 3-5 live @ The Independent San Francisco!

Fun Collaborative Mural Project at UCSC


Had such a blast working a huge mural

with the students of UCSC Sesnon Gallery

our dear friend and art partner Tom Franco

and the Firehouse Art Collective Artists



Video! Mural Project with Tom Franco UCSC Students and Firehouse Art Collective

£ee $cratch Perry Art Collaboration with Spill & Family

HaLLo Friends!

We are happy to announce the release of our blessed and magical paintings

created by the King of Arts, £ee Scratch Perry and

Jill Spill Fressinier dubbed The Queen of Arts

together with Artful Family, Jerome Fressinier & Jordan Fressinier

Our Beloved £ee $cratch Perry’s Visit to SF

Hi Friends of Spill Art!

What a colorful crazy exceptionally cool inspiring exhausting artfull musicfull surreal amazingly blessed August we had here in SF!

Our beloved £ee $cratch Perry blessed the West Coast visiting us while touring last month and sold out every venue with Subatomic Soundsystem blowing the roof off of every time! We had THE MOST FUN EVER hanging out day and night with £$P & Noel, making raw, crazy, Magical God Art for our collab show “Lightning Flash” in Berkeley and taking him to all of his shows here in Northern CA, we’ll never forget a minute of it.

We talked about God, The Clash, Butterflies, Greed, Jay Zed & Beyonce (he has much to say about the couple), family, forgiveness, we sang songs, laughed, danced, took a zillion photos, stayed out late, had a major earthquake, an eventful week fe surety. Super blessed, can’t wait for next year!

I gave £ee one of my cherished “Spewing Information” t-shirts that I had made for The Clash and he wore it in killer £$P style, on stage, at two huge shows in L.A., I feel totally humbled & honored…a total dream come true. We LOVE you Mr. Perry!!

Here are some snaps to Enjoy!!

Lee cratch Perry & Spill Art (Jill Fressinier)

Spill & £$P “The King and Queen of Arts!”

We had the best times working and playing with Lee Scratch Perry last week!

We created lots of magical art and went to earthquaking sold out shows in three cities!

We were blessed all along the way with friends and family giving love and providing help!

Thanks to our friends at The Mayflower Hotel SF, Babylon Burning Silkscreen SF, The Firehouse Art Events Hangar Berkeley and everyone else we met for making our time together sweeter.


Here is the exclusive, limited edition t-shirt that I designed for the occasion, printed with love from big £$P fans Babylon Burning. Get yours now before we run out!

LIGHTNING FLASH! Upcoming Collaborative Art Show with The Upsetter, £€€ $cratch Perry

You won’t want to miss this punky reggae art show with the Living Legend, £€€ Scratch Perry and Jill SPILL Fressinier!

The two gifted artists have been secretly collaborating on a dynamic series of spirit inspired, telepathic, colorful, cryptic multi-media pieces that will be shown for one night only, like a “Lightning Flash”, the name Perry chose for the collaboration. Perry will be touring California the end of August with shows up and down the Coast of the MOST.

£€€ Scratch Perry is a Grammy Winner (Best Reggae Album, Jamaican E.T. 2002, Grammy Nomination for his Album, The End of an American Dream  in 2007) and is the most prolific reggae artist and producer of all time. He is the mastermind of dub, dancehall, reggae and original sound. In addition, £$P is a visual artist who is known for his multi-layered, spiritual, wildly expressive image and word paintings and collage works that cover the walls of his Secret Lab and art studio.

Jill “Spill” Fressinier is also a very prolific artist working in all mediums producing art like a colorful, magical machine. £$P has lovingly dubbed her his “Art Angel.” Spill has worked with £$P, The Clash and countless others.


WHEN: Monday August 25th from 6-10 PM

WHERE: Firehouse Art Events Hangar

3192 Adeline Street

Berkeley, CA.

All Ages, Open to the public

Art for £EE $cratch PERRY continues!

I answered a call out recently…

to design something special for £ee $cratch Perry and his wife Mireille

to help promote their new project

£$P Paradise Eyeland Community

a sustainable, wholesome living, blessed up island community in Jamaica!

And in the process, we have begun, what is to become, a lifelong spiritual journey of friendship, love and ART!

I am beyond and eternally grateful to God

for providing this beautiful connection and will pour my heart and soul into this living work! 

We encourage you to visit our site and share your unique gifts so we can all live UP!


As if I didn’t love them enough

the BEST band in the entire world

stoked me right up with a bag full of CLASH TEES including my winning design

for the Blank You Very Much X The Clash t-shirt contest.

All of the shirts were made with loving hands and hearts

they’re soft, the graphics are amazing (Andy Acton-Peters @ Live Nation UK) and simply RAD!!!

Heartfelt thanks to The Clash, Blank You Very Much, Eleven Management, Sony, Live Nation, Street Virus, for

blessing me with this fully fun, exciting, rewarding and amazing opportunity! I’ll never forget this blessing!


SPILL & THE CLASH “Spewing Information” T-Shirt AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Interrupting all programs!

Spill’s beloved & most favored band, THE CLASH

have honored her by adding her design,


inspired by their timelessly incredible jam, “RADIO CLASH”

to their official shop BLACK MARKET CLASH!

This is a collector’s item, get yours NOW!!


THE CLASH Chose My Design!!

I am overjoyed and so blown away that THE CLASH selected one of my designs as their favorite!

It will become a limited edition t-shirt to help commemorate the release of their career-spanning box set of joy, “SOUNDSYSTEM”!!

Congratulations on your continued success, there are new Clash fans born every day!

I will never forget this day or this feeling. Even my skin is smiling, my heart is bouncing, my belly was sore from all the joy, it’s a punk rock artist’s dream come true!

It’s like when you’re young and you have a gigantic crush on someone amazing that doesn’t know you exist, then the opportunity arises for you to let them know and you scrunch up the courage to reveal your heart to them, risking it all and finding out that they actually…like you!!!! It feels like that!

Thank you Paul, Topper & Mick for choosing me out of all of the talented artists who participated. I had hoped you would see & feel my heart, and YOU HAVE!

This means the world to me. And Joe, we will NEVER EVER stop loving you!

I will always love The Clash, this is the biggest honor I’ve ever had, I’m humbled, grateful and SOOOOOO HAPPPPPYYYYY!!!

I’m forever grateful! Love you guys always!

The shirt is on its way! Check out

Designs I created for the Blank You Very Much™ The CLASH™ t-shirt competition

New Book – Hello Moon!

I’ve teamed up with Richard Warren to create this beautiful storybook! It’s now available by visiting :o) I had so much fun creating the illustrations and text for this touching and inspirational story that my friend Richard Warren wrote. It’s a must read for the child in all of us!!! Go get a copy and help us spread the message of love!!

Spill & Bucketfeet

My design has been selected as a finalist in the Bucketfeet Artist Contest!

An awesome company and a brilliant opportunity!

Spill Art + Dr Marten™ = LOVE

These fabulous, comfy, Vegan Dr Marten™ boots have become Spillified

with the original, one of a kind, Spill Art design and we’re in love all over again.

Give Love!

A nice little design serving as a friendly reminder!

Spill shot by Bill Cunningham!

One of the best things to happen to me while in NYC was being shot by world famous, legendary, brilliantly talented, adorable photographer and sweet soul, Bill Cunningham of The New York Times.

He followed us all around the Union Square green market and then was kind enough to send the photos to me!

He loved my artwork and with a fan like him, you better believe I will be painting more jackets like this one very soon!

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