I had the joy of designing tons of art for a new contest with Blank You Very Much™, not that I’m a fan of contests…but this one is exceptionally meaningful.

This contest was to design a t-shirt for none other than my forever favorite band in the entire world, THE CLASH. They are further blessing our lives with the release of a digitally remastered box set that includes ALL of their brilliance and the t-shirt is part of the fun!! Mick used his genius ear to fine tune each song to perfection & Paul conceptualized & designed the set to look like a boom box, SO FLIPPIN COOL, I can’t wait to experience the freshness! So obviously, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime and I have dreamed of having a chance like this for years.

Another reason this contest stands out above all others, is that the actual band members, (all of whom I adore silly) Mick Jones, Paul Simonon & Nicky “Topper” Headon and John Mellor aka Joe Strummer (in spirit) are the judges. Just to know that I would be able to communicate with them through art makes my heart both sing and break at the same time. The Clash is like a triumphant and tragic love story that leaves behind a legacy that will continue to inspire hearts all over the world.

I’ve been listening to The Clash since middle school, when I first heard “Train in Vain” at the skating rink..and have become more obsessed with them as the decades unfold. Everything about their music improves the quality of life, no matter what the situation, when I hear the first beat of Janie Jones, Guns of Brixton, Straight to Hell…ALL of them, really LOUD and BOOM, all is well with the world. They are the best to paint to, super inspiring, amazing energy, love love love. My daughter Juliette, has become addicted to The Clash too, (which is good since I play them every day) and we’ve said that if ever we could time travel, the first place that we would go would be to a Clash show, front & center…only sad part would be when the show ended :) Thankfully, we can listen every day, any time. The Clash is the only band I know of that is the true definition of LIVE!

I see visions when I listen to The Clash and I had already begun making drawings & paintings inspired from their music, so in a way, it seemed this competition was totally up my street. Better than any gallery show I could hope for, although one day, I’d love to collaborate with Paul Simonon who is such a talented painter!

So for the band that has inspired me and kept me sane & happy, here’s my heart, you’ve had it since the beginning.

Even if I don’t win this t-shirt contest, I will have had the chance to speak visually with the souls that have changed my life!

I love you guys! Spill xoxo

Punk rock dreams really do come true!!! Bless!