Our Beloved £ee $cratch Perry’s Visit to SF

Hi Friends of Spill Art!

What a colorful crazy exceptionally cool inspiring exhausting artfull musicfull surreal amazingly blessed August we had here in SF!

Our beloved £ee $cratch Perry blessed the West Coast visiting us while touring last month and sold out every venue with Subatomic Soundsystem blowing the roof off of every time! We had THE MOST FUN EVER hanging out day and night with £$P & Noel, making raw, crazy, Magical God Art for our collab show “Lightning Flash” in Berkeley and taking him to all of his shows here in Northern CA, we’ll never forget a minute of it.

We talked about God, The Clash, Butterflies, Greed, Jay Zed & Beyonce (he has much to say about the couple), family, forgiveness, we sang songs, laughed, danced, took a zillion photos, stayed out late, had a major earthquake, an eventful week fe surety. Super blessed, can’t wait for next year!

I gave £ee one of my cherished “Spewing Information” t-shirts that I had made for The Clash and he wore it in killer £$P style, on stage, at two huge shows in L.A., I feel totally humbled & honored…a total dream come true. We LOVE you Mr. Perry!!

Here are some snaps to Enjoy!!

Lee cratch Perry & Spill Art (Jill Fressinier)