THE CLASH Chose My Design!!

I am overjoyed and so blown away that THE CLASH selected one of my designs as their favorite!

It will become a limited edition t-shirt to help commemorate the release of their career-spanning box set of joy, “SOUNDSYSTEM”!!

Congratulations on your continued success, there are new Clash fans born every day!

I will never forget this day or this feeling. Even my skin is smiling, my heart is bouncing, my belly was sore from all the joy, it’s a punk rock artist’s dream come true!

It’s like when you’re young and you have a gigantic crush on someone amazing that doesn’t know you exist, then the opportunity arises for you to let them know and you scrunch up the courage to reveal your heart to them, risking it all and finding out that they actually…like you!!!! It feels like that!

Thank you Paul, Topper & Mick for choosing me out of all of the talented artists who participated. I had hoped you would see & feel my heart, and YOU HAVE!

This means the world to me. And Joe, we will NEVER EVER stop loving you!

I will always love The Clash, this is the biggest honor I’ve ever had, I’m humbled, grateful and SOOOOOO HAPPPPPYYYYY!!!

I’m forever grateful! Love you guys always!

The shirt is on its way! Check out

Designs I created for the Blank You Very Much™ The CLASH™ t-shirt competition